Programs Processes

RIL Programs Department Standard Operating Procedure.


  • Pre event/Program

  • During an Event

  • Post event/Program

  • Checklist


This document serves as a template and guide for RIL’s programs department. Modifications are made only with approval from the Director, after being vetted by the Programs manager.

RIL programs differ in requirements and may be unique in nature. This document therefore provides a holistic guide on how to approach any program regardless of its peculiarity. Hence, edits may be made to suit a particular program, on the basis of a proper understanding of its context.

I.e Details of this document are applicable in all cases where necessary, and deferred solely where inapplicable.

Pre event/program

1.1 Program Proposal and Planning

  • Propose event/program

  • Define objectives

  • Outline goals and alignment to RIL vision

  • Research on existing similar programs

  • Determine all necessary criteria/resources required.

1.2 Program Development

  • Create program plan

  • Include and define all operations, stakeholders and outcomes.

  • Give detailed breakdown of all aspect of the program, duration, additives and/or USPs

  • Determine necessary steps organization and participants must take.

E.g. Registration, Data forms, Reporting structure, Event/Program needs, structure & setup.

  • Add success metrics and risks involved.

1.3 Resource Allocation

  • Create budget & Allocate resources (where necessary)

  • Submit/Share documentation with involved team members for approval/implementation.

  • Ensure all stakeholders are detailed on roles/responsibilities

  • Assign personnel to instruct, supervise, manage and support- as the case may be.

  • Secure required facilities and equipment, any other tool necessary.

1.4 Marketing and Promotion

  • Identify the target audience.

  • Work with PR and other departments where necessary.

  • Develop a marketing strategy, including branding and pricing.

  • Utilize multiple marketing channels and adjust based on performance.

1.5 Final program setup (physical/online)

During an event/program

1.1 Program Execution

  • First step: Orient

  • Define reporting system

  • Ensure the program runs according to the program plan.

  • Close monitoring and control.

  • Effect change management where necessary

  • Observe and document

  • Create follow-up and feedback loops

  • Collect data

  • Capture moments.

Post event/program

1.1 Feedback & Evaluation

  • Program overall review

  • Check for alignment with objective

  • Measure with success metrics

  • Define and allocate impact

1.2 Reporting

  • Create reports.

  • Organize and file all corresponding documents.

  • Templatize for future programs.


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  • Event Activity plan

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