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Company Policies

Anti-Discrimination Policy - We Frown at Discrimination of any sort. We promote an environment where everyone is seen as equal, despite your Tribe or Belief.

Anti-harassment Policy - Endeavor to Always maintain proper decorum and conduct yourself in a manner that contributes to operation, effectiveness, productivity, safety, and a harmonious work environment. Any sort of Harassment, would result in immediate termination of appointment.

Work Hours, Attendance and Leave Policy -

Work resumes by 9:00a.m and closes by 5:00 pm Mondays through Friday which amounts to 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. If for any reason you would be Late, a prior notice should be given to the Human Resource Manager, and if for any reason you would be absent, an official email should be sent to the HRM, stating the reason for your absence.

Any recurring lateness or absence without due permission, would result in a severe punishment from the Management. Endeavor to Sign In and Out Daily. Any Staff in this Category is expected to prepare a well documented letter/mail seeking approval and reasons for Leave and expected return date. E-mails should be sent to hr@renaissancelabs.org and CC: Head of Department and Shammah@renaissancelabs.org - The Director RIL.

Health and Safety Policy - You must; work within a healthy and safe workplace. No smoking and drinking of alcohol during work hours. Avoid every act or practices that may be hazardous to your colleagues and the environment. Say no to Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Practices. In a case of Emergency or Outbreak, all Staff are expected to calmly proceed through the nearest exit, and assembly at the Muster Point(The Gate), and await further instructions.

Employee Conduct and Performance - We carry out a Monthly Performance Appraisal for both Personnel and Managers appraisal.

Immediate Employment Termination - An employees contract would be terminated immediately in the case of Consistent Insubordination, Theft, Harassment.

Conflict Resolution & Complaint Procedure - Every complaint, should be forwarded to the HRM who in turn is expected to provide solutions and resolutions to any sort of conflict or complaint.

Requisition and Approval - When in need of anything, one is expected to write a requisition mail, stating the need and purpose. The mail is to be sent to hr@renaissanclabs.org. Until Approval is given, the request is void.

Accepted Holidays



New Year's Day

1 January

Commemorates the beginning of the calendar year.


2 Working Days, usually Friday and Monday


Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The highest church attendance happens on Easter. Like Christmas, it has become a widely celebrated secular holiday, and customs observed by both Christians and some non-Christians include egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades.


Ramadan Day


Beginning of Ramadan


Workers' Day

1 May

Commemorates Workers' labor movement internationally.




End of Ramadan


Democracy Day

12 June

Commemorates the return to Democracy in Nigeria.




The day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of Ishamel by Abraham.




Islamic New Year


National Independence Day

1 October

Commemorates the Independence of Nigeria from Britain in 1960


Christmas Day

25 December

Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus.


Boxing Day

26 December

Christian holiday commemorating the day after Christmas.

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