๐Ÿ“–Our Story


Joseph, a visionary entrepreneur, saw an unsettling pattern in the place he called home in 2019. Despite the plethora of young minds with enormous potential, only a select few were fortunate enough to have access to opportunities that would foster their development and allow them to explore their creative ideas. Joseph decided to take action because he had a desire to make a difference.

Out of this pressing need, our remarkable organization was born: Renaissance Innovation Labs (RIL). Our goal was to empower young talent and give them the tools and encouragement they need to reach their greatest potential. RIL embarked on a mission that would change lives and influence the future with the goal of encouraging innovation and building a healthy ecosystem for young minds.

RIL collaborated with other like-minded tech communities in Port Harcourt the same year it was founded, recognizing the value of collaboration in pushing change. We collaborated on an amazing project: the international space apps challenge. This global event gave aspiring innovators and developers a forum to display their skills and ideas, with a particular emphasis on space-related concerns.


RIL's relentless commitment to revolutionizing the African tech space has led to ground-breaking inventions, the development of local talent, and partnerships that genuinely address the most pressing issues facing the continent. RIL has established itself as a key player in Africa's tech revolution by making investments in the continent's inventors, building alliances, and creating cutting-edge technologies.

The organization envisions a future where technology plays a revolutionary role in uplifting communities and realizing Africa's full potential as it continues to push boundaries and explore new territories. Be a part of Africa's tech revolution right now by venturing with RIL on this inspiring journey.

RIL is aware of the enormous potential of local talent to advance technology in Africa. RIL has built strong programs targeted at enabling and fostering African entrepreneurs through strategic investments. These programs, which include training seminars, mentorship programs, and scholarships, allow people to advance their education and contribute to the expansion of the tech sector.


Our fellowship program was launched in 2021 with the intention of promoting creativity and developing young minds. We gave these brilliant individuals a platform to realize their potential and have a positive effect in their respective fields through an intense training program. Our fellowship program gave students access to industry experts as well as technical training, allowing them to learn from seasoned professionals. Their success was built on a special blend of instruction and mentoring.

The accomplishments of our graduates clearly demonstrate the success of our fellowship program. Several of these young innovators are now working for major international partner organisations.

In 2021, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey to empower young innovators through our fellowship program. We gave extensive training and essential tools to over 25 young people in order to combine and nurture their skills. We are proud of their achievements today, as they lend their skills to international partner organizations.


Our focus was perked up to accommodate our vision; โ€œTo be the center of activities for the technology community in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Nigeria, driving innovation and community development in all areas of the modern world.โ€ .

We were keen on seeing our vision through by seizing our core values.

  • Collaboration

  • Community

  • Integrity & Trust

  • Growth

  • Innovation

  • Excellence & Quality

The year paced up rather quickly and we had our first event in June. Motion design experience(MDX) which was held on the 30th of June was a partnered event with the motion design community in Port Harcourt. As one of the biggest tech events in Port Harcourt this year, hereโ€™s what some of the attendees had to say about it.


We had set out to improve on the lessons learned from the previous year, increase impact, cut down running costs and generate revenue. We also looked towards attaining complete sustainability, with minimal need for seed investment from our founder.

Successfully planned and executed two boot camp cohorts with participants seamlessly transitioning into internship and understudy programs within the organization. We had 6 registered participants for each cohort. We also had some out-of-season participants who paid for individual sessions.

Conducted an advanced class on React and Test Driven Development, enhancing the skills of participants and keeping the PH React community updated on cutting-edge technologies.


The successful development and deployment of LePole marked a milestone for our team. This project showcased our commitment to innovation and our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions. The positive feedback received from clients reaffirms our dedication to producing high-quality software that meets and exceeds customer expectations.


Trainings were organized in-house to improve the skills and processes of the team, among these are: Test-driven development, Agile project development, Advanced JavaScript and Typescript training.

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