☕️ Monday Meeting - 9a.m

Its part of RIL's Culture to have a One(1) Hour Virtual meeting every Monday. The Aim of the meeting is for Team Members to share updates on Previous week's dealings ranging from Performance updates and Management goals to Products Update, Public Relations/Marketing, Programs Management and Facility Management.

This meeting is followed up by documentation shared on the Slack Channel

🎲 Managers Meeting

These meetings holds every Monday(12noon) Onsite and Thursday(12noon) Virtually.

🤝 Product Team Stand-up

We meet Virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays for product team sync

🌍 Friday Retrospective Meeting/Brainstorming

  • We have a Review for the week to ensure that all tasks and targets for the week was achieved, and brainstorming session for ideas and possible solutions to proofer to the World

🎳 Hack and Chill

  • Friday is also a day for "Hack n Chill". This is aimed at creating a bond between Team Members through the introduction of games and brainstorming that requires team play and bonding.

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