✍️Feedback and Reporting Cycles

Feedback Cycles and Reporting Procedures

To enhance our productivity and ensure continuous improvement, Renaissance Innovation Labs is implementing a structured feedback and reporting system. This system is designed to provide regular check-ins, facilitate timely feedback, and ensure accountability for all team members. Below are the detailed guidelines for the feedback cycles and reporting procedures.

1. Two-Day Feedback Cycles

Overview: We will implement a two-day feedback cycle to maintain a high level of productivity and ensure that tasks are progressing as planned. This means that every assigned task will be reviewed every two days, rather than weekly. This will help in identifying and addressing issues promptly, providing constructive feedback, and making necessary adjustments in a timely manner.


  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: Feedback sessions and demos will be conducted on these days.


  • Task Assignment: Tasks will be assigned and communicated to team members.

  • First Check-In (T+2 Days): Two days after the task is assigned, a check-in will be conducted to review progress and provide feedback.

  • Second Check-In (T+4 Days): Another review and feedback session will be conducted two days after the first check-in.

  • Continuous Cycle: This cycle will continue, ensuring regular feedback and adjustments.

2. Demos and Reports


  • Purpose: Demonstrations (demos) allow team members to showcase their progress and receive direct feedback from supervisors and peers.

  • Schedule: Demos will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Content: During demos, team members should present their current progress, highlight any challenges faced, and discuss next steps.


  • Daily Reporting: Team members are required to submit daily reports on their activities and progress. This ensures transparency and allows for real-time monitoring of tasks.

  • Content of Daily Reports: Daily reports should include:

    • Tasks completed

    • Ongoing tasks

    • Any blockers or challenges

    • Plans for the next day

3. Daily Reporting

Purpose: Daily reporting ensures continuous communication and keeps all team members aligned with the project goals. It also helps in identifying and addressing issues promptly.


  • Submission Time: Daily reports should be submitted at the end of each workday.

  • Format: Reports can be submitted via the designated Google Doc Daily reporting template.

  • Review: Supervisors will review daily reports and provide feedback or guidance as needed.

4. Accountability and Follow-Up

Responsibility: It is the responsibility of each team member to adhere to the feedback cycle and reporting schedule. Consistent and timely updates are crucial for the success of this system.

Follow-Up: Supervisors will follow up on feedback and ensure that necessary actions are taken. This includes:

  • Addressing any blockers or challenges reported by team members

  • Providing additional support or resources as needed

  • Ensuring that feedback is incorporated into the ongoing work


Implementing these structured feedback cycles and reporting procedures will help Renaissance Innovation Labs maintain high productivity, ensure timely adjustments, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Adherence to these guidelines is essential for the success of our projects and the growth of our team.

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